Hiring for Social Media Expert

Location:- Bangalore
Qualifications:- Minimum graduation is required
Key Skills:- Good communication & written skills
Experience:- Min 2 Years
- Creating online platforms for sharing and communication
- Drafting, Reviewing learning stories
- Design, proofread posts
- Archive and maintain photos and videos in an accessible manner
- Support teachers to collate and create relevant photos and videos
- Timely posting of updates on the different platforms - Social media and internal
- Analyzing trends of the posts
- Collaborate with the leadership for creating program materials eg. website, broacher, 
   communications, etc.
- Eventually participate in strategic platform development for maintain learning evidence, sharing 
  with different communities local and global
  long term aim to make the depth and diversity of learning in the PYP visible to the community 
  and also brand building
- Editing digital content to make it suitable for posts